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What's GNUsic.net?

The GNUsic(GNU + Music).net web site is an open studio on the network for electronic musicians. In the GNUsic.net studio, we are distributing various sound files, tools, programs and tips as a kind of ``free software /open-source software'' and ``copylefted software''.

The objective of GNUsic.net project is to open the process of making music by being able to use/modify/redistribute its material freely. Until now, many creative musicians have made interesting music/sounds collaboratively using the Internet. However, it is almost impossible for us to obtain their evolutional prototypes and reuse them for our own productions. This is because the musical material and prototypes are not free and copylefted.

The GNUsic.net is a first step to Internet-based community-building for bazaar-style musical development. Even if we have different views on life and music, it must be possible for us to share the same process (or part of it) toward them.

GNUsic 002 Released

A second CD based on the concept of GNUsic, "GNUsic 002" was released May, 2000.

GNUsic 001 Released

A first CD based on the concept of GNUsic, "GNUsic 001" was released January, 1999.

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